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I do not claim to me a medical or mental doctor, I am not a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, financial advisor in any way. The advice on my blog, email, social media and any other place I share my my content is purely based on my life experiences, research, and things I thought others would find valuable. All the advice you use and any activity, exercise, worksheet or product you do or use is your choice and I am not responsible for any negative outcome.

By me Ruthila LeBaron being the owner of the Ruths Glow blog, I reserve the right to make changes to the blog and the focus of this website.

The content I share on this blog and other forms is accurate, yet there may be some mistakes, errors and omissions.

This website uses affiliate links so when you click some link I will make a small commission from the company. Some links will send you to an external store or platforms where you may be able to purchase product or services, that I do not directly sell. I may make a commission from those companies. I am not responsible for product or services provided from an external website.


Ruthila LeBaron Owner of Ruths Glow

Privacy Policy

Your information is and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Ruths Glow back office team and is used purely to help us get you information and products. If you choose to be color matched, we will ask you to provide a photo. This photo is private only to the Ruths Glow team, and is only used to help us get you the perfect color makeup. This photo is private and wont be shared with anyone unless you allow it.

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