Our Mission Statement

Fall in love with your dreams that’s what there for. Don’t ever give up on yourself, you are the only one that can truly reach for the starts of your own dream. But I am here to help so please feel free n to reach out and ask me anything!

Nail Art

I am so passionate about Acrylic nail artistry. This is my calming time where I can be creative and show what I love by helping women feel beautiful. Check out My Portfolio and book an appointment or just get fun ideas for your next nail art. I service in the Fargo ND area.

Our Opportunity

The Seint Beauty opportunity is a fun opportunity to create residual income from anywhere. Sneak Peek Into Training- In addition to all the artist perks and earning, joining gives you all the training you will need to get your business right where you want it!!! This is real work not a get rich quick thing.... Continue Reading →


Here you can find all your fun makeup ideas and how to's. How to Highlight and Contour Eyeshadow application Lip & Cheek All you need to know for brows Meet the magnetic compact. Refillable and customizable. No more waisted makeup from unfinished palettes. stay tuned and subscribe to our weekly email updated. Follow our social... Continue Reading →

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