How Manifestation Can Enhance Your Life

Being able to get what we want in life can be challenging. First many time what we want, involves another person, with can make it difficult. It can also involve something that takes time, so as we manifest we need to remember that what we are attracting takes time to be created. Because of these... Continue Reading →

Creating an I AM board

How to create an I Am board, to reflect on and attract what you desire. An “I am board” is similar to a vision board, I will explain the difference later but to get to the I am board I want to talk about how I discovered the benefits of a vision board and transformed... Continue Reading →

Taking Care Of Your Seint Products

Great so you made the plunge into the future of makeup! I’m so glad you did. Welcome to this innovated makeup routine that Seint offers. Now that you have all this amazing makeup all in one compact you may be wondering how to take care of your beauty investment so it can last you years.... Continue Reading →

How to fix broken eyeshadows.

Worst bathroom mishap? Try eyeshadow palette falling off the vanity and book all your shadows shattered. If your anything like me when your getting ready the last thing your thinking about is keeping the vanity clean. Between the curling iron, brush, makeup, skincare, teeth cleaning items etc. Though my makeup is thankfully a clutter free... Continue Reading →

Perfect blade less shave

🦵🏼Have you tried blade less creams for hair removal? funny story “ like five years ago when I was first dating my husband, I went to visit him up north. It was summertime but the weather was still drier than I used to, since I lived in Mexico.since it was summer I was wearing dresses... Continue Reading →

16 Beauty Tips You Need To Know!!!

Hey there! Do you feel lost when it comes to beauty products and applications? Do you go to Ulta or Sephora trying to get some basic makeup and feel totally clueless? I've been there! It stinks! So to help you simplify your shopping I made a list of some tips I know will help you... Continue Reading →

Milk Sink Care!!!

Maskcara has skin care! Whaaaat?! And it’s the most soothing, moisturizing stuff around. If you’ve struggled with texture issues (dryness, oiliness, acne, dullness) then LISTEN UP. Because this stuff is legit!!! Here is a list of our products ingredients!! Your going to love the simplicity of this product! Purchase Milk Skin Care INGREDIENTS lactic acid... Continue Reading →

Halloween Makeup!!!

It’s that time of year! Oh how I love to do some Halloween makeup. Here are so super fun looks for Halloween this year. This Blog contains affiliate links, which may pay a small commission to the blogger at no additional cost to you. Alice In Wonderland!! This story is a favorite in my home... Continue Reading →

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