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A little about me

Hey I’m Ruth. I am currently a mommy to a blended family of 7. We live in Fargo North Dakota, we go back home to Chihuahua, Mexico every summer to reconnect to our roots. We are blessed to have family through out the west US so we tend travel a lot. My husband and I both come from very large families that are both from our small town of LeBaron in Chihuahua, yes things can get a little crazy around the holidays, but hey its either feast or famine.

Before I became a mommy to this beautiful blended family I spent many years being a single mom. When I first got divorced I struggled a lot with self worth. I felt like a falier and I couldn’t be loved. It was really hard on my self confidence. I knew I could live with that deep pain in my heart. So I made a New Years resolution, to get up everyday, get dressed, do my makeup, wear heels when I can (even just to the grocery store). As silly as it may sound now it helped me find my confidence again. Allowing myself to look and feel beautiful helped me start my journey to loving myself again. And finding that confidence I so badly missed. I also learned how important self care is to our overall happiness, and how little steps in the right direction can make a huge positive change on our lives. This experience was exactly what inspired me to start Ruths Glow Beauty Blog.

About Ruth’s Glow

Being part of the Ruth’s Glow community you can expect weekly inspiring messages, challenges to better your life, beauty tips and tricks, style tips and all kinds of encouragement to get your week started on a positive note.

There has been many ups and down in my journey to finding my Glow. By joining the beauty industry I’ve been able to encourage many women find their glow. Not just in teaching them to use makeup and other beauty tools to enhance their features, but also inspiring them to take charge of their goals and act on them.

Lets find your Glow, You got this babe!

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