How Manifestation Can Enhance Your Life

Being able to get what we want in life can be challenging. First many time what we want, involves another person, with can make it difficult. It can also involve something that takes time, so as we manifest we need to remember that what we are attracting takes time to be created.

Because of these challenges we tend to give up, get distracted or stop believing in the power of attraction.

I have had people tell me thinks like “do you really believe you can get what you want by imagining it?” At first I never knew how to explain it to them, but the more I practiced it, the more I understood how it works. I don’t consider myself a professional or a manifestation coach in any way. But I have experienced it first hand many time. I’ve also learned to be careful for what we ask for, be cause we just might get it!

Some important things to consider when you start your manifestation journey.

•Know WHY you want to manifest something before you manifest it.

•Know that the way to get it can be extremely difficult. If you are manifesting change or growth, remember that scary, hard things may come up.

•When you start seeing it happen, try remembering that you created it.

•Your mind is your limit.

•When good things happen, allow your body to feel that joy, that tingling feeling. Allow it to go through your whole body and embrace that sensation for as long as possible. This will help your happiness grow, and your manifestation become a reality.

•Live like you already have it. Dress the part, show up like you are already there. “Don’t fake it till you make it, practice till your pro”

•You have to have faith that it will happen

•When you start manifesting, and being who you want to be, you will get more empowered to keep going. You will start taking the action you need to actually become that person you have manifested.

So when my friends ask me now if I actually believe in the power of attractions I say “yes, if I imagine the life I want, feel it, show up like I am already living it, get motivated to take action, then I will have it!”

Here are some manifestation quotes you can use today. Put them as a screen saver, pin them to your virtual vision board, or even print them out.

Are you ready to start your manifestation journey? let me know in the comments.

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