Creating an I AM board

How to create an I Am board, to reflect on and attract what you desire.

An “I am board” is similar to a vision board, I will explain the difference later but to get to the I am board I want to talk about how I discovered the benefits of a vision board and transformed it into an I am board.

I first discovered the benefits of a vision board when I was 15. My mom, sister and I were invited to my aunts birthday to create vision boards. We were asked to bring a family photo. We watched the movie of The Secret which talks about the power of attraction, visualization and receiving. We all got together and made a vision board by cutting out pictures from magazines and glueing them on to a large project paper aborning to different areas of our life. Family life, financial, love, etc. I didn’t know it would work at the time, I put many photos of vacationing on the beach. After all what 15 year old wouldn’t love to hang on the beach all day. We were told to put our vision board in an area we would see daily, like our closet.

Two months later we MOVED to a beach town 10 hours away. We lived there for a years. After that experience I became a believer and started experimenting in many other ways. Once you find your power it becomes almost a natural tool per say, to creat the life we want.

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But what’s is an I Am board?

Using the phrase “I am……” is extremely powerful. By saying the words I am, before something you wish for, bring your dreams and desires into existence. Now your desire becomes present. Instead of saying “I want to happy, I want to be successful, I want to be beautiful, now you are saying I am happy, I am successful, I am beautiful. By bringing your desire to the present moment you are allowing your mind and body to receive these blessings.

When I made my first “I am board“ I chose to create it in the shape of a sun (I’ll leave an image below so you can have a visual idea). At the center of the sun I put the words I AM, and then I went through magazines, similar to the vision board, but I cut out only words, and I cut out only words that connected with the feelings I want in my life. I meditated and opened my heart to receive the words that connected me with my purpose.

Some sample words

I am….

















A money magnet




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Allow yourself to embrace the experience and while you go through the magazines find words that stand out to you. Even if the word seems strange to you cut it out, it could be your sub conscious speaking to you.

Make sure to meditate on your board and speak these words to yourself daily.

I hope you found value is this exercise and you are able to manifest your truest desires.

This is a virtual vision board example

You can also create virtual vision boards and I am boards using the Canva app.

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