Taking Care Of Your Seint Products

Great so you made the plunge into the future of makeup! I’m so glad you did. Welcome to this innovated makeup routine that Seint offers.

Now that you have all this amazing makeup all in one compact you may be wondering how to take care of your beauty investment so it can last you years.

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Cleaning Your Seint Compact

All of our makeup products tend to get dirty from time to time. Links anything else it’s important to clean things up once in a while to get the most use from your products and makes for better hygiene.

To clean your seint compact follow these instructions.

•Never wash your compact with water. (The compacts are made mostly of compacted cardboard and therefore can become swollen and distorted when you wash them with water.)

•Remove all your makeup tins.

•Use makeup remover. I use the brush cleaner by Seint. You can use a liquid makeup remover but don’t apply it directly to the Compact, instead put some on a paper towel and use that to wipe down your compact. You can also use a make up remover wipes. And just thoroughly wiped down your compact to clean.

•Then magnet all your makeup back into your compact.

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Free Daily Self Care Guide

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Cleaning Your Brushes

Even more important than cleaning your compact is making sure to clean your brushes often.

Keeping your brushes clean not just help with application but also help in the hygiene area as well. By keeping your brushes clean you are helping your skin stay clean and not have clogged pores or acne.

Having clean and healthy skin or something I’m sure we all work on daily. So why not make cleaning your brushes part of your weekly or monthly routine?

The best way you can take care of your Seint brushes or whatever make up brushes you have. Is to use a brush cleaner.

I use the brush cleaner by Seint. But I’m sure there are other great brands out there as well. The reason you want to make sure to use a brush cleaner is because brush cleaners are self drying. And you only how do use a small amount to get your brush completely clean. https://ruthsglow.seintofficial.com/en/shop/retail/126/brushes-tools/501/brush-cleanser

You can always use water and dish soap. But this method will not give your brushes as long of use as using a brush cleaner. Using water and dish soap can cause the root of the brush hairs that is touching the glue to react, therefore cause the hairs to fall out.

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