How to fix broken eyeshadows.

Worst bathroom mishap?

Try eyeshadow palette falling off the vanity and book all your shadows shattered.

If your anything like me when your getting ready the last thing your thinking about is keeping the vanity clean. Between the curling iron, brush, makeup, skincare, teeth cleaning items etc. Though my makeup is thankfully a clutter free solutions, being that it’s all in one compact, my vanity still gets cluttered with everything else I have going on.

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Sad story……

The other day while getting all dolled up for the day I had this exactly exact mishap happened to me. In the middle of making the magic happen bam! Goes my compact to the floor.

I normally would be so devastated thinking I would have to throw it all away. But thankfully I knew just what to do. I have been fixing my eyeshadows like this for years now and I am so happy to know it!

1. Clean up

To get started let’s clean up. You want to get something thin to pick up the shadow that is now powder on the floor. I use the lid to my Seint makeup tins but up can use anything thin, paper, cardboard etc.

Then carefully put up the eyeshadow powder that can be saved and place it in the color tin that it fell out of.

2. Grab some alcohol

No I don’t mean booze!

Just some good old fashion 99% alcohol

Well you’re going to want to do is fill the cap full of alcohol. And pour a little bit into your eyeshadow tin.

The reason you want to use alcohol and not something like water is because alcohol will evaporate on its own. So when you pour alcohol into your eyeshadow it will turn it in to a paste and dry on its own. Therefore The Eyeshadow will be able to get back to being a solid powder.

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Then you want to leave your eyeshadows in a flat position and let them dry for a few hours.

That’s it you did it your eyeshadows are back to new and you are ready to get back to doing what you love and looking beautiful and fabulous.

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