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Hey there!

Do you feel lost when it comes to beauty products and applications? Do you go to Ulta or Sephora trying to get some basic makeup and feel totally clueless?

I’ve been there! It stinks! So to help you simplify your shopping I made a list of some tips I know will help you get the most out of your beauty trip to the mall!

1 •Highlight and Contour•

Learning to highlight and contour can change your life. When you highlight you are enhancing areas you want people to see right away. You are also making your face structure seem thinner and have more dimension too it.

Let’s break it down!

To highlight and contour your face you will want to place your lighter foundation color in three places, in the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and under your eyes. You foundation color that blends best with your skin will go on your jaw, chin and around you lips.

I do many tutorials on highlight and contour you can check out here.

Also I will leave this photo you can save for reference to make application easier.

2 •Shape Your Brows•

This is something I see a lot of women don’t do. I highly recommend women especially with bushy brows to go to the mall or their local brow bar and get their brows threaded once a year.

This will help you have a professional shape so you know how it should look when it’s all cleaned up. Throughout the year you can pluck those little stray hairs that come out. Caution! Do not over pluck you will end up with no brows. Just pluck the ones that are way out of your brow line.

Next to get great brows you will want to fill them in. You don’t have to make them look like you applied a sharpie to your face! Just fine a color that matches your hair color and lightly fill in where you have missing hair, help shape them where you want more hair or if you have brows with little amount of hairs you can shape the whole thing.

I use a matte brown shadow for my brows with setting spray or brow wax. But you can find great brow pens anywhere.

Here is a diagram of brow application to help you shape with your natural brow being the guide.

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Free Daily Self Care Guide

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3 •Eye shadow- Prime and Prep

Why spend all your time creating a beautiful eye shadow look just to end up with a dull color look.

Before you apply your eye shadow you will want to apply a small amount of cream foundation or primer on your eyelid and blend. Creating a clean canvas to begin your beautiful eye shadow art.

This is great technique for these reasons:

  1. It helps your eye shadow blend better. 
  2. It helps the color pop (especially if you use white primer or a lighter foundation color).
  3. It helps the eye shadow powder stick and stay in place. 

4 •Add Depth To Your Eye shadow•

Do you look at these women that are just great with their eye shadow, and wonder how you can do that yourself?

There are many different techniques to applying eye shadow and I don’t want to overwhelm you. I use a rule of three for my basic and beginners eye shadow application. For this you will need three colors, a medium, a dark, and a light shade.

You can choose any color you want as long as you have medium, dark and light you will be able to accomplish this simple and elegant look.

You will want to apply the medium color first, then the dark and then the light. Tip: if you add a white or lighter color to the inner part of your eyes they will look brighter.

Here is a guide so you know where to place each color.

You can choose any color as long as you have light medium and dark. 

Light= yellow

Dark= maroon

Medium= coral 

Ruth’s Glow

Free Daily Self Care Guide

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5 •Lip Contouring\Lining•

Oh My Goodness did it change my life when I started lining my lips properly. It literally can make your lips look plump and perfect!

So let’s break it down. What do I mean when I say properly! I mean finding the right recipe for your lip shape!

So here is the formula.

•If you want your lip to appear smaller line your lips inside your natural lip line.

•If you want your lip to appear larger. Line your lip on the outer edge of your natural lip line.

•Use your foundation or concealer to cover parts of your lip you don’t want to show.

Here is a visual to help you out!

Lip Contouring For Beginners Video

6 •Blush Placement•

Blush placement can give your face a few different looks. One place you can apply your blush that will give you a youthful look is on the apple of your cheek bones. This will allow the blush to show from all sides of the face.

Another technique is to add blush a little higher on your cheek, not right on the apple. This is great for mature skin because it adds a face lift feel.

7 •Wash Your Brushes•

It is vital to your skins health to wash your brushes every so often I’d say at least four times a year. If you don’t wash your brushes you are literally clogging your pores literally every time you apply your makeup. This is because (as much as we don’t want to admit) our skin is constantly replenishing. Which means the dead skin cells fall off and renew. That’s actually awesome because we get new skin, but where does the dead skin go? Onto everything it touches, including your makeup brushes!

8 •Wash Your Face•

Washing and prepping your face is what makes women look flawless. When you prep your face correctly your makeup goes on smooth and clean! And like I said before you won’t have dead skin cells on it. Here are a few things I recommend for a healthy skin care routine.

•Facial wash that is soft. Daily.

•Toner, Hyaluronic Acid or even Witch Hazle. Daily

•Moisturizer. Use a face moisturizer! Daily

•Night Cream. Helps to tighten and brighten skin. Nightly

•Exfoliate your face. There are many different ways to exfoliate your skin. One of my favorite is using baking soda. 2x a week

•Clay mask. 1-2x a month.

•Sun Block. Use one that is silicone free! To help makeup look great.

Tip: use milk base products. They contain lactic acid that is great for fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

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Free Daily Self Care Guide

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9 •Use Cream•

Why creams are better then powders!

When cream makeup is applied to your skin it stays moist and moves with your skin like a second layer of skin rather then a mask that can crack with a smile.

It looks natural and healthy. Cream makeup blend great and is so forgiving, making you look flawless.

Cream makeup doesn’t settle in your wrinkles! And doesn’t dry you out.

10 •Blend Like Crazy•

Blending is a huge party of getting a flawless look. When you blend your eye shadow well it gives it depth and looks smooth. When you blend your contour, blush and bronzer your skin looks glowing and not splotchy or patchy.

Learn to blend like crazy and be patient while you learn!

11 •Eye shadow For Your Eye Shape•

Learn to do your eye shadow for your eye shape. We are all different so how can someone with one eye shape tell you what to do if yours if different?

You only have one face so master it! Try a few techniques and see what one is best for your eye shape. Here are some images to help you with placement for your eye shape. But this is only an image it take you wanting to learn your own beautiful facial curves to actually get the look you want!

12 •Apply Eyeliner With A Skip Method•

Applying a perfect wing is so hard. I get it. But this method can really help it line up straighter and look amazing! Try applying your liner in a connect the line type of method starting from the inner corner to the outer edge – – – – – then go back and connect each line. And vuala! Perfection. Your welcome!

13 •Use Bronzer To Give Your Face A Summer Glow•

Ok bronzer is the holly grail to glowing skin. I call it summer on a brush!

You may wonder what is the difference in bronzer and Contour? Well contour will be a more they color because it is applied where you naturally have shadow. It’s designed with the highlight, ( highlight and contour) to help highlight the areas you want to pop on your face like your eye area. So contour is used to darken areas to help highlight those areas you want bright.

Bronzer on the other hand is simply to give your face a summer glow! It helps you look tan and is applied lightly to the areas you normally would get sun kissed.

Here is a photo to help make application simple.

I also apply a little to my neck and chest. 

Success! You're on the list.

14 •Baking Soda Face Exfoliating•

I mentioned this above in the exfoliating as part of skin care. But I wanted to bring it up again. Baking soda does wonders to your skin, it balances the PH, helps tighten pore to appear smaller, removes dead skin cells, brightens the skin etc. You can see why a weekly baking soda exfoliation can be beneficial.

15 •Collagen•

Collagen is a protein that gives your body elasticity making your skin stretchier so it can flechare without causing damage or wrinkles. Three quarters of our skin is created from collagen.

As we age the collagen gets hard and starts to break down. Making it harder for our bodies to produce. Taking a good collagen can really help your skin to remain firm and beautiful.

16 •Moisturizing Is Crucial

I’m sure we all kinda know that moisturizing our skin is critical but it really is that important!!!

Getting a good intake in water daily and finding a good moisturizer is so important to kee out skin hydrated. Our skin is made up of water, oils and protein. Water being one of the main ingredients and yet we fail to Boris it correctly.

Love your skin! Feed it! And it will love you back.

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