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I’m Ruth, mommy to a blended family of seven, passionate about inspiring women to be the best version of themselves by encouraging you to get out there and get your Glow!! Here at Ruths Glow I share challenges, makeup tips, beauty, style tips, inspiring messages and how to’s to get your week set on a positive note!

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  • How Manifestation Can Enhance Your Life
    Being able to get what we want in life can be challenging. First many time what we want, involves another person, with can make it difficult. It can also involve something that takes time, so as we manifest we need to remember that what we are attracting takes time to be created. Because of these … Read more
  • 9 Inspirational Quotes From Martin Luther King Jr.
    It’s not everyday that someone does enough for man kind, their community and their country that they actually have a day dedicated to them. I know as a non-profit member of a company that is working to make change in Mexico’s safety laws, it would be a dream come true to have a day dedicated … Read more
  • Creating an I AM board
    How to create an I Am board, to reflect on and attract what you desire. An “I am board” is similar to a vision board, I will explain the difference later but to get to the I am board I want to talk about how I discovered the benefits of a vision board and transformed … Read more

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About Me

Hey I’m Ruth. I am currently a mommy to a blended family of 7. We live in Fargo North Dakota, we go back home to Chihuahua, Mexico every summer to reconnect to our roots.

There has been many ups and down in my journey to finding my Glow. By joining the beauty industry I’ve been able to encourage many women find their glow. Not just in teaching them to use makeup and other beauty tools to enhance their features, but also inspiring them to take charge of their goals and act on them. Read More..

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